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Pet Memorials

Immortalize your pet in Stone with our Pet Memorials, Monuments, Headstones & Gravestones made from genuine US slate. Slate was used for human gravestones as late as the early 1800's. Our monuments are deeply carved and painted with durable exterior enamels.

We offer designs for Cats, Dogs, Horses and Birds.

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Pet Memorial Designs

cat, dog, horse shoe, bird print

  pet memorials   Pet memorial, monument, gravestone  


Pet Memorials
Pet Monuments

(Black Text/Green Slate)
(Gold Text/Black Slate)
Both Items are 9x12"
Pet Memorials / Pet Monuments
  #PM3 10x14"
Pet Memorial / Pet Monument
  pet garden marker   pet stones   pet gravestone  
  #PM9 9x12"
Pet Memorial / Pet Monument
  #PM7 7x9 "
Pet Memorial / Pet Monument
  #PM8 7x9 "
Pet Memorial / Pet Monument