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Here we answer common questions about our slate and corian plaques!

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About Slate...

How are the slate plaques engraved?

Our slates are sandblasted by hand and deeply carved, not just etched. They are then painted with exterior grade sign emamels, and clear coated to ensure lasting durability.

What is the distance between holes on the hanging signs?

Our B-1 brackets hold the 10x14, 12x16 and 14x18 Hanging plaques, so the distance between holes is 10 inches.

The larger B-2 brackets hold 16x20 plaques, so the distance between holes is 14 inches.

slate thickness

How thick is the slate?

Because it is a natural material, the thickness can vary. It is between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch depending on the size of the piece.

What variations are in the slate?

Slate is a natural metamorphic rock, formed 500 million years ago during the late Paleozoic Era. Since it is a natural product of the earth there are features, anomalies and color variations inherent in the rock. These variations enhance the natural beauty and unique character of our slate signs.

Our gray/green slate varies slightly in color and texture, as this photo demonstates. The slate we use is common for roofing and flooring.